Principal members of the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong founded the Hong Kong Copyright Licensing Association (HKCLA) in October 2001. This company offers a one-stop collective licensing scheme for photocopying of newspapers. Through the scheme, the company aims at promoting public awareness of intellectual property rights.

HKCLA has been authorized by 14 Hong Kong newspapers and 12 Hong Kong magazines to grant licences for internal reference, instruction purposes (only applicable to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools under prescribed conditions) and news monitoring purposes.


  • To protect the interest and pioneer in maximizing business opportunities for copyright owners
  • To offer an one-stop licensing scheme for the public to obtain authorization and protect intellectual properties
  • To encourage an awareness of copyright
  • To protect originality of individuals and corporations
  • To act as a linkup of copyright owners and the public
  • To provide the best service for both copyright owners and the public
  • To ensure copyright compliance through effective vigilance